Sports Injuries & Performance

Sports Injuries & Performance

Orthotic Motion is experienced in the treatment of sporting injuries which can occur suddenly (acute) or over an extended period of time (chronic).

We can assist in assessing and prescribing appropriate braces/supports to protect an injured body part, aid in the rehabilitation process, enhance performance or to assist in preventing further injury when you return to sport.

Some examples of orthoses used in sport include:


Knee orthoses can provide stability and support after surgery or injury.

Common acute injuries include ruptures or sprains of the knee ligaments and torn knee cartilage. Common chronic injuries can include patella tendonitis, knee arthritis and runners’ knee. Knee orthoses range from simple knee straps and sleeves to complex functional orthoses designed to protect or support specific injuries.


Ankle ligament sprains are the most common sports injury, accounting for nearly a quarter of all sports injuries presenting to accident and emergency departments.

Ankle orthoses support the ankle ligaments, allowing them to heal and provide sensory feedback which improves a person’s sense of proprioception (the position of the joint in space). Ankle orthoses include sleeves, wraps, lace-up designs, or hinged with joints. Orthoses may be used for rehabilitation after surgery or injury or in the longer term to provide ongoing protection.